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Influenced by the past generations

When are you going the next time to holiday ?

Try to imagine how the city would look like without its old centre, without its faded images on the walls where you can almost read its history and imagine all the generation that passed by .

Imagine how our life would be without all the art and history we heritage from the generations that passed on Earth before us.

I am a person that like the present moment or the future, I like to have a vision, a plan , desires to fulfill, so I don't linger in the past. But, I love the vintage fashion, the faded old city walls , shabby chic furniture, vintage french textiles , old rugs or vintage wallpapers. Sometimes I find inspiration for my paintings in the past of different cultures , from the east to the west and back.

Look at this beauty, the chromatic of the colors and the delicacy of the design. I just love it!

Chinese old rug

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