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INTUITIVE  creativity  Painting

Learn Practical and Inspirational Techniques to Ignite your Creativity


My strong believe is that everybody could draw, paint, write, dance, etc. at some point in their lives. Because of the educational system and /or some kind of criticism, forgot or just stopped doing it.

Intuitive ­Creativity offers a wonderful opportunity to release your need of control, go deep beneath the layers of your daily existence, and respond spontaneously to always changing events. In this way, intuitive painting allows us to experience and discover ourselves through colors, shapes and forms. It is about honoring what is coming spontaneously into your mind; it is about trusting your heart and doing what feels genuinely interesting along the way.

We are going to play with colors. Why not give it a try? Why not pick up a brush and see where it leads you? Why not try to listen to what the craves of your soul are? It is all about what is happening inside when you paint.

My techniques and exercises are geared to help people reclaim or expand their sense of exploration, wonder, and fun.

Great artists have always been extremely playful in their work. The Intuitive Creativity Workshop emphasized the importance of fun and playfulness in any creative endeavor.


Highlights :

  • Connect with body, mind and spirit before we start painting­

  • Talk about creativity and how to access our creative potential ­

  • Identify how your curiosity can trigger creativity

  • Dance, play, wonder, observe, explore...

  • ­Paint with tools, hand, feet and body ​

  • Learning about: color theory , texture, shapes, contrast, layering, composition, marks,  tools. 

  • We will paint 2 x 100/80cm canvases 

  • Understand how to prioritize your own creative fulfillment so that you can better serve others

  • What is creative living?

Good to know :

  • All painting materials are included

  • Drinks, snacks and meals

  • 1 night accommodation  - Single Room - Airbnb (100 m from my studio)

  • Event duration: 2 days   - Cost: 700 CHF ( One on One workshop in my studio) 


For this style I highly recommend  3 days workshops (mini retreat) !


For any questions and booking  just  email me at:  or call/whatsapp at +41 798322884.

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