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Yesterday I hosted my first webinar, liv





If you ever wanted to paint abstractly but didn’t know where to start, this is the course for you.  You will learn that there is more to painting abstracts than most people think but this course makes it easy for you.  I will guide you through different compositions that I use. At the end of the class you will have tried three of these compositional formats. 


The emphasis is on learning the fundamentals and developing trust and confidence in your own wild expressiveness.  You will be guided in a series of structured loosening up exercises, using acrylic and/or watercolor paint and a variety of drawing tools in the creation of nonobjective abstract paintings.

Line, color, shape, form, value, space, and texture are the seven core elements of art and they often overlap and inform one another. Whether talking about drawing, painting, sculpture, or design, these components of art all need to be taken into consideration. Once you have a handle on these seven visual elements, it’s even easier to create your own art.


This class is designed to help you develop an understanding of the elements, have fun creating, begin to trust your own creative intuition and build confidence that you can make your own dynamic paintings. 


In this workshop, I will teach you:


  • about the composition, contrast, value, colors, marks, shapes,  taking risk.

  • how abstract art works

  • how to create abstract paintings 

  • learn to remove creative blocks to expression

  • get comfortable and confident using watercolor paints and other media

  • how and when to finish your painting


You will need the following supplies (but it will work with everything you have at home):


  • watercolor

  • inks

  • acrylics

  • oil pastels 

  • crayons

  • charcoal 

  • ballpoint pans

  • metallic paints

  • watercolor paper

  • brushes

  • markers

  • masking tape

  • blow dryer 


Bring openness to playfully exploring different media and abstract imagery. 

Good to know :

Time slots: 9am-12am; 2pm-5pm

Official Time: 2.5 @ 90 CHF/hour

(we agree upon the hour/day)

For any questions and booking  email me at: , Whatsapp or  call at +41 798322884.


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Abstract Painting

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