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Yoga & Painting


April 6 - 12, 2025


Hotel Panorama 

Via al Lago 6


Amount of people: approx. 13 ppl

Yoga offers the tools to align the body, breath and mind and allows us to tap into the places where our creative energy resides. When our head is clear and our body is relaxed we become receptive to the abundant creativity within.

There’s an incredible high that comes with being in the flow of artistic expression. Whether you’re an amateur photographer, dancer, summer knitter, or weekend woodworker, art-making can give you the feeling of being completely present, awake, and alive. And while yoga is often thought of as a tool to help us find ease in the body, quiet the mind, and get in touch with our true nature, it can also be a way of helping us tap—and mine—our creative selves. Meditation and yoga grant us access to the deep places of our psyche and consciousness that inspire creative ideas to emerge, while simultaneously offering us tools to work with some of our biggest obstacles as artists. No matter what kind of art you call your own, your yoga practice can more fully connect you with your creative mind, body, and soul.

Artistic expression can be deeply fulfilling, but accessing creativity isn’t always easy. Creativity arises naturally in states of stillness and presence, which can be elusive when we are distracted by daily preoccupations and scattered thoughts. This is why yoga is such a gift for the artist. When we practice awareness in asana, pranayama, and meditation, we learn to see—and let go of—the distractions of the mind. It is from this place of clear seeing that inspiration springs forth.

Approaching the experience with a curious mind, you will explore and embrace novel things while broadening your horizon. 

“The universe expresses itself as spontaneous creative energy,” “The task of the yogic artist is mostly just to get out of the way.” Sean Feit