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What the people say


Dear Ana, this retreat week, was a great vacation from my "normal" life and an adventure into "NOW", into colours, materials, creation, company. It was very interesting to see the world a bit through the eye of an artist by the way you look at things. There is absolutely no waste around you, everything is a potential  part of a new creation and useful (as papers for example: old papers, all sort of papers, wrinkled, new, written papers, etc.). I learned to paint a background to a picture, to mix my own colours, and many other different techniques. But further more I learned through the Mixed Media art,  that one can take the present moment, live in the present and develop slowly into the next step without having anything planed until the final step.

Thanks for your help, friendliness, support, explanations, inspiration, your artful food, the expeditions in the area, etc..

After all these experiences I feel fit enough, to buy some painting materials, set my studio space and go on trying on my own for a while.

Verena Montanari

I happened upon Ana Paz’s retreat soon after my father passed away. I had spent many years helping to care for him and I realized it was time for me to take care of my spirit.  I was feeling sad and empty and needed to recapture what I was passionate about…art, outdoors, beauty.  A trip to Switzerland kept popping into my mind not only for the landscape but the hiking. So I searched workshops to enhance my trip and found Ana Paz.  I really was attracted to her vision and her teaching style. So I signed up and showed up with an open and free mind. I let go of any preconceived ideas. I let go of expectations. In reading the description of the retreat, I felt it would be the perfect fit for my grieving process.  Everything about the retreat was what I needed.  Everything from the accommodations, the meals and the instruction was taken care of. I just needed to show up.  For me, it was a perfect seven days of introspection, conversation, art, Swiss food, new friends, a cute dog and a great instructor. Ana was patient, kind, quiet (to allow for intuitive creation) and an amazing teacher.  To top it off, we created great artwork!  She had techniques to help us face the mystery and fear of creating art.  She introduced us to forms of art that we may not have tried on our own. And she showed us that there really are no real rules to being creative….you just have to do it and try to do it every day.  I will be forever grateful for Ana and the retreat for reigniting my passion and helping me unblock and get out of my own way. I recommend Ana and her workshops/retreats for all levels of artistic experience.  -Christine Hauber-

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