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  Design, Carve and Print your own stamps 


Perfect for scrapbooks, cards, art journaling, textile printing and mixed media on canvas, hand-carved rubber stamps help you add your own unique mark to your work.


Pattern design and pattern making is and always has been an important human activity and we live surrounded by patterns.

Pattern could be found everywhere, as micro and macro structures, from fabrics, to nature, to tires to animal coats. 

Patterns usually provide foundation for a material construction, as in architecture, or as surface decoration and ornament. 


As self taught stamp artists and experienced art teacher, I have developed a series of stamp carving exercises and techniques. 


We’ll go over the basics, including tools, cutting techniques, and creating your stamp designs and getting them onto your rubber. We’ll make several stamps during the  class, focusing on basic designs and repeating patterns. There will be sample designs from my own stamps available for you to use, or you can design your own!

We will stamp on paper, gift cards and textile.

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌course‌ ‌you‌ ‌will‌ ‌learn:‌ ‌ ‌:

  • how to design your own multiple stamps 

  • proper techniques of handling a range of cutting tools

  • fundamentals in carving clean and adorable rubber stamps

  • special methods in inking and printing, including multi-layered printing

  • experimenting with colour and scale.

  • creating personalized gift cards, envelopes, stationaries, table napkins, table cloth, plate charger for special friends and loved ones

  • how to print your pattern on textiles


Materials and tools provided:

  1. Rubber carving block

  2. Illustration templates

  3. Tracing paper

  4. Carving tools – multiple blades

  5. Precision cutting knife

  6. Cutter

  7. Cutting mat

  8. Ink pads

  9. Different kind of papers for stamping

  10. Gift Cards / Envelopes / Stationaries 

  11. One white 40/50 cm textile bag for printing 


You can bring your own t-shirt in order to print it during the class.



  • This workshop involves active use of sharp tools

  • You can bring an image you'd like to carve; if it is suitable for beginners, you'll be advised on how to turn that into a stamp

  • Lunch, snacks and drinks included


Workshop suitable for all skill levels and ages. ‌


Event duration: 6h  ( 10am - 5pm ) with a break for lunch time.

Price: 350 chf /person

           320 chf /person for 2 to 5 people

Pattern design and Stamp Carving

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