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Do you take commissions?

Yes.  First, I will discuss the room, style, colors, and desired overall feel with you and ask for photos of your space. The artwork will present my own artistic style in your desired color palette and feel, but because my artwork is intuitive and spontaneous, every piece that I create has its own character with its composition and details. I will share the interim photos with you to get your feedback on overall composition and color intensity. The timeline to prepare a commissioned piece can range anywhere between 2 - 5 weeks depending on size, requirements, and other commitments I have in the pipeline. Feel free to contact me for more questions and details about commissions.


What mediums are you working with?

My work consists primarily of acrylic paints, acrylic mediums and ink on gallery stretched canvas.


If I like a sold piace can I ask for the same one to be made?

See question above. Because my style is intuitive and involves spontaneous strokes, I cannot create the same piece again. However, if you tell me which painting you like, I can create the same color palette that will have a similar feel and composition.


If a painting is presented in a vertical position, can I have it hung horizontally instead ( or visa versa) ?

Most of my painting can be hung vertically or horizontally. If you let me know which orientation you prefer, I can mount the hanging hardware accordingly ( you can state your preference in the “order notes” field during checkout or you can contact me after your order submissonas well).


Can I ask for more photos/videos of a painting if I want to see different angles or details?

Yes!  Just contact me and ask for what details you would like to see and I will send you more photos or even videos.

How are the paintings shipped?

Paintings are typically shipped via a commercial courier. If local ( Switzerland ), the artwork can be delivered in person or arranged to be picked up by the buyer.


How are shipping costs calculated?

The shipping cost is calculated based on the destination ( provided by the buyer during the checkout),  the size and the weight of the painting, and is included in your final bill during checkout. Overseas buyers please read next question.


If you have a specific requirement regarding shipping please contact me prior to your purchase so this can be assessed.


DO you ship internationally?

Yes, depending on the size of the piece and country, please read Shipping and Policies


What is your policy for damage, loss or returns?

Please read Shipping and Policies .

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