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ANA PAZ - the artist

I am a visual artist- painter, a pattern designer and a craft worker.

My story started some time ago in Romania, where I was born in a family that mixed 3 different cultures, Greek, German and Russian.

Soon after I had finished my engineering education I left Romania and I lived in different countries as a global nomad. The contact with varied cultures, developed and enhanced greatly my visual lexicon and cognition. While studying Spanish philology I become familiar with the influence of Arabic culture in Southern Spain and I fell in love with the art resulting from that encounter.

At some point in my life I had a regular job and eventually a bore-out. I saved myself quitting it and retreating into Hindu and Buddhist philosophy followed by living in an Ashram for 2 years. This changed not just my world views and my beliefs but also influenced the way I express mysef in art.

While my engineering training gave me the shapes, the strict, exact forms and structure, the Arabic - Spanish and the Easterns cultures opened myself to colours, curves and random shapes. All these are embodied in my work for you to enjoy .

For me the canvas is the mirror of my soul, it is always showing my inner state, my emotions. We are interconnected and co-dependent.

The imagination is a powerful tool. An artist can use it to show others the world as he sees it and to bring others into his dream of what the world could be. David R. Becker

Happy me at the first exhibition in Zürich - Tart Gallery

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