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  resin Art

Resin is a chemical which comes in two components , resin and hardener , when mixed together hardens to create a glass finish on the surface. It creates waterproof , beautiful epoxy glass like surface.


Resin can be used simply to make a transparent clear film over any painting , wood decor, furniture , to make it shiny and waterproof or by mixing pigments of variety of colours it can create abstract paintings, trays , jewellery.

What you will learn:


  • Knowledge and guidance to create your very own Resin artworks

  • Work with Resin – Preparations

  • Safety Measures for the Processing of Resin

  • What is Resin Art

  • Different Resins on the market for Epoxy Resin Art

  • Different Brands – different Processing Times

  • What is the ideal Painting Ground for Resin Art

  • Which Colours and Additives are Suitable for Resin Art

  • Epoxy Resin Art Techniques

  • How to create beautiful Cells in Resin Paintings

  • How to achieve Noble Effects in Resin Art

  • How to Remove Air Bubbles from Resin

  • How to avoid Resin to get extremely hot

  • Mixing and colouring Epoxy Resin

  • Pouring Artwork from Epoxy Resin

  • Curing Process

  • Casting of Further Resin Layers

  • How to clean your Tools

  • Damaged Areas in the Epoxy Resin Painting – What to do?

All materials are provided:

  •  casting resin

  •  canvases

  •  resin pigments

  •  heat gun

  •  isopropyl alcohol

  •  rubber gloves 

  •  mask (if wanted)

  •  sneaks, lunch  and drinks are provided.


What to wear:

  • Wear old clothes – long sleeves and pants - working with resin can get messy 


Appropriate for:

  • This workshop is for all levels and ages– however be mindful that the resin can be toxic for some people and does give off some strong fumes when heated too much.

  • I cover safety and setup and I would not have stayed with the resin if I could not work with it without the risks. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions before taking the course.

Event duration: 8h  ( 10am - 6pm ) with a break for lunch time.

Price: 500chf /day

For a depth 3D effect, multiple layers are needed. In this case the resin needs to harden over a few hours in order to make another layer. There is a lot of information and for a complete understanding and applying  of all the techniques of this workshop I highly recommend 2 days.

Price for 2 days: 800chf 

Includes: 1 night accommodation, and all the meals (1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner)

Keep in mind that the resin needs at least 1 day for a complete hardening and drying process. 
This implies that I have to send you the artworks.

The shipping & packaging price is  30 CHF.

For any questions and booking  email me at: , WhatsApp  or call at +41 798322884.

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