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 Wall Fan Decor

HANDMADE on high quality watercolor paper, uniquelly painted and embellished with 2 handmade french tassels and wooden accessories. 

All the Wall Fans Decor are on this section are created on Watercolour paper 300gsm
(Gsm is grams per square meter and refers to the thickness of each individual sheet of paper. The lower the gsm, the more the paper will buckle as it dries.)

The price of the each Wall Fan Decor depends on their size. The ones on the pictures below are done on 25cm paper or 30cm paper. The total size when open ranging from 50cm/45cm or 60cm/55cm.
The prices range from 150 CHF - 250 CHF (shipping not included).
If you want a costume made Wall Fan Decor, you can choose the size and the colors. Please contact me for inquiries.