My story started some time ago in Romania, where I was born in a family of 3 different cultures: Greek, German and Ukrainian.

Soon after I had finished my engineering education, I left Romania and I lived in different countries as a global nomad. The contact with various cultures, developed and enhanced greatly my art perception and cognition. While studying Spanish philology I become familiar with the influence of Arabic culture in Southern Spain and I fell in love with the art resulting from that encounter.

  At some point in my life I had a regular office job and eventually a bore out. I saved myself quitting it and retreating into Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. A 2 year stay in an Ashram followed. This altered not just my worldviews and my beliefs but also influenced the way I express myself in art.

  While my engineering training gave me the shapes, the strict, exact forms and structure, the Arabic/ Spanish and the Eastern cultures opened myself to colors, curves and random shapes.

For me the canvas is the mirror of my soul, it is always showing my inner state, my emotions. Me and the canvas, we are interconnected and co-dependent.

Feelings in motion


 I paint with my hands but my feelings, emotions and my intuition are in charge; the hand is just a tool. I never know how a paining is going to look like in the end. It is always a surprise to me.   All I am doing is to stay as much as possible in a meditative, no-thought, neutral state of mind and let the intuition do the work, pick the right color, move the canvas, stroke the brush in the right direction.

  It is all about a magic dance between how I feel in that moment and how much I can let myself go with the flow. It is the opposite of thinking and planning, a child-like state. I play and I discover a new universe where neither time nor space exists.  

  I start with an idea; then the idea takes its own life. It’s more like I am a midwife, helping deliver something, than creating. I have to be open and aware, and figure out what it’s trying to become. Anything can happen at any point.

  I think that we and everything around us, even our intentions and thoughts, are energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Hence, I believe that my paintings have their own life and vibration that can be felt at the subconscious level. When we are purely attracted from our heart by a piece of art, I think that we are captured by the vibration of the painting. In my opinion this vibration can empower us.

  I encourage those of you who would like to acquire one of my paintings to try to sense if you feel attracted by the painting, just as you are attracted to a human being


- Yonamo - Exhibition and Live Painting - Winterthur/Switzerland March 22.2020
- Yoga am Bodensee - Solo Exhibition and Live Painting,
Arbon/Switzerland, February 22, 2020
- Sounds of Spirit Festival, Solo Exhibition, Winterthur/Switzerland,         
  November 2019
- Café Bubbles, Solo Exhibition, Zurich/Switzerland, February to July 2018
- Tart Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Zurich/Switzerland, January 2017
- Park Hyatt Zürich, Women Expo Zurich/Switzerland, March 2017
- Mostra D'arte, Group Exhibition,  Roma/Italy, October 2016
- Artbox Project, Group Exhibition, Miami / USA , 2016

- The Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness (l’Accademia di arte, creatività e consapevolezza), Art Workshop,Teacher,  Asissi/ Italy, 

- Paint Events, Art Workshop ,Teacher, Zurich/Switzerland, since 2018

- Ana Paz Art Studio, Art Workshop,  Rehetobel/Switzerland, since 2016

- Suntuncopac Yoga StudioArt Workshop , Bucharest/Romania 

Akasha Retreat, Art  Workshop , Romania 



- Soma Sound Sculptures, Engraving and Hardcase Painting, since 2016 

- Conference on Climate Change and Consciousness, Costume and Set Design,  “Ancient Future: Seeds of a New Civilization” (Original Performance Piece created for the Findhorn Community),  Scotland,

April 21 2019

- Infoportal für Acrylic Pouring und Fluid Painting, 

- LeVisual - on renting my artworks. 


- Featured work in Swiss "Mis Magazine" December 2018
- "Elita Romaniei" Magazine  interview 
- "Suntuncopac" Yoga Studio interview



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